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Supplement to What Art Is: The Esthetic Theory of Ayn Rand (Open Court, 2000)
by Louis Torres & Michelle Marder Kamhi


The published index for What Art Is appears on the amazon.com page for the book. Owing to re-setting of pages after the index was made, many of the page numbers in the index for the last few chapters of the book--in particular, those for the notes--are off by one page.

Additions and corrections to the published index:

abstract art, 391-92nn1-3
abstraction (book), 392n6
abstraction(s): cognitive, 347n24; normative, 39a
architecture, Rand on, 333n3
Aristotle, on art versus history, 355nn13-19
art[s]: communication in, 45-47; as "re-creation of reality," 28, 47-49, 347-48n26; moral values in, 348n27; utilitarian vs. non-utilitarian, 427n3

Barney, Matthew [delete 287-88]
Barzun, Jacques, on justification for teaching art in the schools, 311; "teaching distinguished from "education," 312; recommendation of work of L. A. Reid, 350n48; on what the term art covers, 473n93
beauty: Rand on, 33, 49; as primary attribute of art, 15, 334n7

carpets, as art, 428n17
Chinese esthetics, 346nn12, 17
conservatism, 14, 331nn71, 72
creation, artistic, 347nn25, 26

entertainment: art distinguished from, 358n40, 239 [not 269]

fantasy, 336n25
film, silent, 253
Finnegans Wake (Joyce), 244-46
French, Daniel Chester, Mourning Victory, 69; Lincoln (Lincoln Memorial), 69
Frishmuth, Harriet Whitney, The Vine (Metropolitan Museum of Art), 69, 208
Huntington, Anna Hyatt, Joan of Arc (New York City), 69, 208

identity, law of, xx

journalism, 348n35

Kelley, David, 344n25
Kivy, Peter, 363, 365n12, 369nn44, 49

landscape architecture, 424n49
Langer, Susanne, on "sense of life," 341n5

mimesis: Aristotle on, 377nn45, 46; defined by Merlin Donald [not Donald Merlin], 112
moral values, 340n48
music: "harmonic ambiguity in, 368n40, as re-creation of reality, 368n40

Nietzsche, Friedrich, 348n32
nonobjective art, 391n1. See also abstract art, nonrepresentational art
nonobjective painting, sculpture, 133. See also objective representation
nonrepresentational art, 133, 391n1
nonrepresentational forms and designs, 133
objective representation, 133
Olmsted [not Olmstead], Frederick Law, 424n49

psychology: 341n4 [?]; and "sense of life," 37

Randolph, David, 366n27
Reid, Louis Arnaud, [delete "41"]; 50, 51

Saint-Gaudens, Sherman Monument (New York City), 69
Sarris, Andrew, 253, 453n53
sense of life: art and, 348nn28, 36; Ortega y Gasset on, 36; complexity of, 48, 348n28
Shattuck, Roger, 471n81
Sparshott, Francis: on music, 441n82; and [not "on"] sense of life, 345n1
style, 349n44, 350nn55, 57, 351n59
subject (in art), 349n47

Tharp, Twyla, 444nn95-98 [not "95-96"]
theme, 349n45

utilitarian arts, 334n7

Vermeer, Johannes, 349n46

Waller, W. 453n46 [not "31"]
Wright, Frank Lloyd, 422nn29-31, 33, 35 [delete "424nn"]

Zeami, Motokiyo [delete "442"]; 441n82 [We cite him as "Zeami Motokiyo."]

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