Schaefer Studies

Schaefer Studies is an informal on-line journal devoted to the work and life of Jack Schaefer. We welcome submissions from scholars and critics. Please query first.

April 1998

  • "Jack Schaefer, Teller of Tales" by Louis Torres (excerpts)

  • Readers' Forum on "Jack Schaefer, Teller of Tales"

  • "A Salute to Shane" by Marc Simmons

  • "The New American Cain" by Ricardo J. Quinones
  • "Lakewoodite Is Recognized as Great Western Writer" by Dan Chabek

    An article that appeared in "Lakewood Lore," a column by Dan Chabek in the Lakewood (Ohio) Sun Post, 3 July 1997.

  • "The Shelf That Jack Built" by Sid Comings

    An article by an Oberlin College alumnus--from the Fall 1997 Oberlin Alumni Magazine--about his revered collection of books by Jack Schaefer. Sid Comings teaches literature at Lorain County Community College.

  • "Review of Shane" by Suzanne Brockmann

    The writer is a romance novelist. [See also Comments on review.]

  • Review of Shane by Story Tweedie-Yates

    The writer was a seventh-grade student at the Overlake School in Redmond, Washington. [See also Comments on review.]

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