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March 2004

"Messages from the Heart"
Selected and Related Paintings

Unless otherwise indicated, the paintings listed below are exhibited in Love Letters: Dutch Genre Paintings in the Age of Vermeer as well as pictured in the catalogue. Works only in the catalogue are marked *; works in neither the exhibition nor the catalogue are marked **.

Gabriel Metsu

The Letter Writer Surprised**
Man Writing a Letter
A Young Woman Receiving a Letter [A Girl Receiving a Letter]
Man Writing a Letter [click on image to enlarge]
Woman Reading a Letter, with a Maidservant

Gerard ter Borch

Woman Writing a Letter (detail) [catalogue cover]
A Lady Reading a Letter**
The Letter**
The Letter Writer**
Officer Writing a Letter
An Officer Dictating a Letter*

Pieter de Hooch

A Woman Reading a Letter by a Window
A Man Reading a Letter to a Woman [scroll down]

Frans van Mieris

A Woman Writing a Letter

Nicolaes Verkolje

The Messenger

Jacob Ochtervelt

A Woman Reading a Letter with Two Maidservants

Jan Steen

Bathsheba with King David's Letter

Johannes Vermeer

Young Woman with a Cavalier [Officer and Laughing Girl]
Young Woman Reading a Letter [A Girl Reading a Letter at an Open Window]*
Woman in Blue Reading a Letter*
A Lady Writing*
Mistress and Maid*
The Love Letter*
Lady Writing a Letter, with her Maid

Pablo Picasso

Femme nue ("J'aime Eva")

Mary Cassatt

The Letter**

Ernest Meissonier

Reading a Letter**

Thomas Hart Benton

Letter from Overseas

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