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March 2004

Love Letters: Dutch Genre Paintings in the Age of Vermeer

Exhibition Catalogue

The hardcover edition of the excellent Love Letters catalogue is currently available for purchase through Amazon.com for $31.50. (If the softcover becomes available, we will announce it in "Notes & Comments" as well as in this space.) Meanwhile, the Bruce Museum carries both the hardcover and softcover editions at $45.00 and $30.00, respectively.

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Bruce Museum of Arts and Science
Information and Directions: The intimate scale of the Bruce Museum makes a visit a particular delight at any time of the year, though if you plan to see the Love Letters exhibition before it closes on May 2, be forewarned: on weekends the galleries for this event are crowded (though still worth the visit). The museum's website provides much useful information, not least that on travel by car or by train (the building is just a five-minute walk from the station). To access images of twenty-one of the paintings in the exhibition, click on the exhibition graphic. Though the thumbnail images are relatively small (and blurry) they provide a useful overview of what is on view. Visitors with children will find the museum's collections science and anthropology of special interest.

The Essential Vermeer
No aspect of the life and work of Vermeer seems to have been overlooked in this amazingly comprehensive website, which includes a host of unexpected features. The pages on each of the thirty-five extant paintings (see the "The Complete Vermeer Catalogue") include brief comments by such eminent scholars as Lawrence Gowing (Vermeer, 1952) and Edgar Snow (A Study of Vermeer, 1979). Happily, all the images are set against dark backgrounds and can be enlarged to full screen size. This website is an indispensable scholarly resource and a genuine treat for all who love Vermeer's work.

Paintings of Vermeer
This modest resource is useful for quickly locating Vermeer's paintings throughout the world--six in New York City, and four in Washington, D. C. The rest are in major European cities.

Letters in Arts
Postage stamps featuring paintings by Metsu, Vermeer, and others on the theme of letter writing and reading are featured on this delightful website.

"Dutch Quality in Ireland"
A review from The Times of London of the Love Letters exhibition at the National Gallery of Ireland.

Letters, Letter-writing, and Other Intimate Discourse
Just one caveat regarding this generally informative website: it includes a section on the bogus art form known as mail art.

The 50 Greatest Love Letters of All Time
Selected by David Lowenherz, a prominent collector and dealer, the letters in this volume cover the full spectrum of amorous passion--as expressed by writers ranging from Mozart, Napoleon, and Elizabeth Barrett Browning to Frank Lloyd Wright, Harry Truman, and the elder George Bush.

Love Letters
The screenplay for this 1945 film, which stars Jennifer Jones and Joseph Cotton, was adapted by Ayn Rand from a novel by Chris Massie [more].

Cyrano de Bergerac (1897 play by Edmond Rostand)
Talk about love letters! This late Romantic drama continues to inspire.

Cyrano de Bergerac (film versions)
The classic 1950 black & white film of the Rostand classic, starring José Ferrer, is especially recommended (DVD or VHS). The 1990 version, in full color, stars Gérard Depardieu (DVD or VHS).